AWD Mafia Script Guide What's New?

AWD Mafia Game Script v3

Hello, and welcome! This website is a showcase of our new Mafia themed turn-based RPG script. If you're interested in becoming owner of your own mafia game, you've come to the right place!

Anarchy Web Design's Mafia Script v3 Demo site.

Version 1 of the game script launched in September 2021. Here, you will see a demonstration of the basic features available. For an idea of what a game built using this script may look like, check out Made Man Mafia. Made Man Mafia launched in October 2021 and has been developing and growing since.

PHP 8 Mafia Script

Many turn based Mafia scripts available online still use PHP 5. As of May 2022, that's 3 years and 4 months since PHP 5 was declared end of life. Our script is built using PHP 8 which is actively supported will get security support for years to come. It also means performance improvements and powerful new coding opportunities.

One Development Team

The whole project has been created by one team so the code is written to modern standards. As a result, you'll see improved reliability, and fewer bugs. The only code is what needs to be there.

Bonuses system

Players can get bonuses which improve their money-making, attacking, turn generating abilities in game. This system is designed to be extensible so that new bonuses can be added and work in a predictable manner. Players can see which bonuses are active. This is particularly important in the attacks system. Concentrated coding means that bonuses will apply to all the relevant attacks without requiring any coding updates.

Flexibility in mind

We've written AWD Mafia Script v3 as a base. The game is perfectly playable off the base script but it's been written so that it's easy to develop new features and maintain them. With 12 years experience in online PHP mafia games, Anarchy Web Design knows what makes a good game, which upgrades are popular and how to improve games through new developments. This script is written to make ongoing development easier and coding costs cheaper!

Powerful automated administration

Running a game shouldn't involve repetitive tasks which can be automated. We free up your time by automating installation of rounds, providing an easy interface for managing upcoming rounds, and automating awards of all prizes. This allows you to focus more on promotion of your game, drawing more players, and increasing revenue.

Granular staff privileges

Quickly and easily configure access to your administrators and game helpers by providing only the tools they need. Provision of only necessary tools reduces the risk of administrative abuse and increases player confidence.

Flexibile Rank system

Want to provide ranks based on how many parrots a player owns? You can! (Parrots not included). Ranks are easy to configure so that you can offer prizes for the metrics you think are more important. Net-worth based ranks are default but you can add and prioritise your own systems.

Mobile-first design

The number of mobile players has been increasing steadily for years. Be confident that your game can be played well on mobile - No zooming required and avoid costly mis-clicks! The script is lightweight so it loads quickly on mobile networks and consistently scores 99% or more on speed indexes.

Want to see for yourself?

Below, you'll see a login option. Credentials have been pre-filled so you don't need to make an account. Have a look around!

Interested in purchasing a game?

For pricing, development options and queries please contact Dave via one of the below channels.